Board of Directors


Michael O. Healy, President
J. Scott Nesbit, Vice President
& Treasurer
Ellen Driscoll, Secretary
Melissa Alcorn
Kal Balian Antoun
Rebecca Bales
Debbie Bolton, RN
Timothy Colbert
Tom Daly
Ellen Knell, PhD
Steve Mann
Mark Mozilo
Mike Naples
John Queen
Megan Reed
Victoria Schwartz
Brad Talt
Sean Townley
Louise Wannier
Charles E.P. Wood

Mark Gamble
Arlene Harder, MFT
Joseph Henry
Gaurav Malhotra
Marguerite Marsh, PhD
Robert Marsh, MD
Conchita O'Kane
Sandy Potter
Howard Raff
Nancy Van Tuyle
Joan Wood

Deborah Bolton, RN
Arlene Harder, MFT
Marguerite Marsh, PhD
Paul A. Taylor (In Memoriam)

Meg Symes

Team CSC Pasadena

The Board of Directors, staff and volunteers at CSC Pasadena continually strive to improve support services in the cancer community.  Cancer Support Community leads the way in providing visionary solutions to the problems people affected by cancer confront on a daily basis. Considered the Gold Standard in providing social and emotional support for people with cancer and their loved ones. Cancer Support Community's support groups and educational programs have become models for other organizations across the globe.

Click on the Staff roster link to access staff contact information.


At the heart of Cancer Support Community are our volunteers. At CSC Pasadena, there is a vibrant network of people united in creating a better quality of life for people affected by cancer and their loved ones. Cancer Support Community illustrates the extraordinary power of a group. Whether you volunteer once a week, once a month, or once a year, your contribution of time helps underwrite the cost of services to meet the ever increasing needs of people affected by cancer.

With Cancer Support Community’s “Culture of Giving Back”, our volunteers, along with voluntary contributions from those who participate in programs, friends in the neighborhood, local corporations, and foundation grants help ensure services are available to those affected by cancer.

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of people facing cancer, we gratefully welcome you to join Team CSC Pasadena. Sign-up today, simply complete our online volunteer application, or if you have a question regarding our current volunteer opportunities, contact Jennifer Estrada at 626-796-1083.

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