It's Easy... just shop, swipe your card & earn!

Giving more back to The Cancer Support Community!
Ralphs is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other non-profit organizations like The Cancer Support Community can earn dollars through our Community Contributions Program.

The Ralphs Community Contribution Program was designed to make fundraising the easiest in town by simply using your Ralphs rewards Card.

You will need our NPO number #91708 to sign up online. Go to and link your Ralph's reward card to The Cancer Support Community. By doing so you will be helping CSC in offering FREE cancer support to your community. If you don't have a Ralph's reward card, you can get one by visiting the customer service counter at your local Ralphs. Instructions are below on how to register.

Step-by-step instructions to register your Ralphs rewards card online?

NOTE: We have a secured website, these procedures will apply to everyone who has not entered their email address and assigned a password.
1. Log in to
2. Click on Services
3. Click on Community Contributions
4. Click on enroll
5. If you are a new ONLINE CUSTOMER, you must click on GET STARTED. SIGN UP TODAY in the ‘Create An Account’ box.
6. Sign up for a Ralphs Account by following the easy steps!
7. You will need our NPO #91708 to link your card to The Cancer Support Community.

(This means that you have already entered your email address and assigned yourself a password)
1. Log in to
2. Click Sign In
3. Enter your email address and password
4. Click on ‘My Account’ (In the top right hand corner)
5. View all your information and edit as necessary

What if I or my family members don’t have access to a computer or an email address, how do I donate to my favorite organization?

There is an alternate registration method, a scanbar letter. Just have your organization coordinator call us at 1-800-443-4438 and we will mail a scanbar letter directly to your organization. Your coordinator can make copies and just take your copy to the store the next time you shop and scan it within your order along with your rewards card or phone number and you will be linked with your organization for the duration of the current term.

What if I don’t know what my card number is because I use my phone number?
Answer: Just call our Ralphs rewards card hotline at 1-800-660-9003. Let the representative know that you need ALL digits to your card in order to register for the Community Contributions program.

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