Do you know someone who is living with cancer? We do.

In 2022, Cancer Support Community Pasadena will directly serve over 1000 people facing cancer – patients, their families (including children) and caregivers, those bereaved, and survivors.

A cancer diagnosis is devastating; our members are scared, anxious and overwhelmed. Feelings of shock and bewilderment often consume these individuals who don’t know where to begin the days following their diagnosis.

That’s where Cancer Support Community Pasadena comes in to help.

For 32 years, we have opened our doors and our arms to these brave individuals to offer them:

  • A community of support to help reduce fear and anxiety and reduce feelings of being alone

  • An education to empower our members, so that they can make informed decisions about their treatment, nutrition and well-being

  • A positive and uplifting environment to restore hope during this trying time

This is the heart of what we do at a time when our members need it most.

With the recent changes in healthcare, more and more individuals are really in need of our free services. Will you help us by making a gift today? It costs CSCP $750 to serve one member who spends an average of 14 hours with us at approximately $54/hour. And we rely solely on private donations like yours to fund everything that we do.

When we work together, we can help more families face cancer with courage, knowing they are never alone. 

Please give today to show these families you care, and thank you for your support of Cancer Support Community Pasadena!