Educational Workshops

Monthly Meditation


July 8

2:00  – 2:45 pm

Experience a guided meditation from your home, with community, as we gather together on Zoom. We will take time to connect as a group before and after the meditation. Meditation may help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, improve mood, decrease chronic pain, decrease blood pressure, boost the immune system, increase energy, improve concentration, and reduce the symptoms and side effects of cancer. Kristina Nikols is a Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, and Yoga Kids Instructor who is based in Pasadena, CA.  

Facing Breast Cancer in 2020


July 14

12:00  – 2:00 pm

Join this special collabration from all three Southern California Cancer Support Community sites, hosted by Cancer Support Community Los Angeles.


Facing a breast cancer diagnosis is already challenging on many levels, but even more so in the current times we find ourselves living in. Join Dr. Anita Kaul, MD, UCLA oncologist and hematologist, for a presentation on facing breast cancer in 2020. Breast cancer patients and their caregivers are invited to this discussion of treatment advancements and navigating care for breast cancer during these challenging times.

Self-Hypnosis for Calming Mind & Body


July 14

4:00  – 5:00 pm

Join Certified Clinical Consulting Hypnotist, Carmela Tunzi, for a guided progressive relaxation, customized for individual needs. Before beginning, make sure you’re in a safe, comfortable place with no distractions. Carmela Tunzi is the owner of Mind Flow Hypnosis here in Los Angeles (Atwater Village).

Emotional Roots of Disease


July 14

6:30  – 8:00 pm

Join Vignette Ching, L.Ac from the Star Tulip Clinic for a special workshop to discuss the emotional roots of disease.

Nutrition During/After Treatment


July 15

4:00  – 5:30 pm

Everyone seems to have an opinion or piece of advice about what you should or shouldn't eat after facing a cancer diagnosis. But not everyone has an expert opinion! Join us for this session where Julie, a board certified specialist in oncology nutrition, will highlight the most science-based information regarding nutrition and cancer to help you focus on what's most important. We will myth bust and fact check and offer practical tools you need to make an informed decision regarding what is right for you when it comes to your eating choices.

Personalized Medicine


July 21

6:30  – 8:00 pm

Join Dr. Steve Rosen, Provost and Chief Scientific Officer at City of Hope, for a lecture on personalizing your treatment with the array of opportunities available. In this workshop, Dr. Rosen will present on building awareness among patients and caregivers about talking with their healthcare team about personalized medicine testing, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and inheritable cancers.

Legal Resources during COVID-19


Augusf 19

4:00  – 5:00 pm

Living with a cancer diagnosis is difficult at any time, and most especially during a pandemic. Join attorney Shelly Rosenfeld, Co-Director of the Disability Rights Legal Center's Cancer Legal Resource Center, for a discussion of your legal rights and resources during the COVID-19 crisis.

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