“CSCP’s professional staff, several of whom have been touched by cancer personally, are passionate about ensuring that no one faces cancer alone.”

CSCP Staff

  • Meg Symes

    Meg Symes

    Executive Director
  • Laura Wending

    Laura Wending

    LMFT, Program Director and Group Facilitator
  • Patricia Ostiller

    Patricia Ostiller

    Director of Development
  • Julie Stevens

    Julie Stevens

    Database Manager
  • Rachel Koonse

    Rachel Koonse

    MFT Intern, Group Facilitator, Program Coordinator
  • Danielle Gay

    Danielle Gay

    Events Coordinator
  • Richelle Mascaro

    Richelle Mascaro

    Office Manager


  • Winnie Wear

    Winnie Wear

    LMFT, Group Facilitator
  • Morella Hammer

    Morella Hammer

    LMFT, Group Facilitator and Clinical Supervisor
  • Mary Nichols

    Mary Nichols

    LMFT, Group Facilitator
  • Charlotte Streng

    Charlotte Streng

    LMFT, Group Facilitator
  • John Ruggles

    John Ruggles

    LMFT, Group Facilitator
  • Elizabeth Mejia

    Elizabeth Mejia

    LMFT, Group Facilitator and Clinical Supervisor

Volunteer Instructors

  • Adrianne Aguirre

    Adrianne Aguirre

    Volunteer Zumba Instructor
  • Korie Beth Brown

    Korie Beth Brown

    Volunteer Yoga Instructor
  • Robert Chu, L.Ac

    Robert Chu, L.Ac

    Volunteer Qi Gong Instructor
  • John Dilullo

    John Dilullo

    Volunteer Tai Chi Instructor
  • Kelly Etter

    Kelly Etter

    Volunteer Pilates Instructor
  • Brandon Flowers

    Brandon Flowers

    Volunteer Dynamic Strength Training Instructor
  • Richard Gutschow

    Richard Gutschow

    Volunteer Watercolor Instructor
  • Sylvia Holmes

    Sylvia Holmes

    Volunteer Mindfulness Instructor
  • Maranda Ngue

    Maranda Ngue

    Volunteer Crochetherapy and Knittervention Instructor
  • Lorena Tapiero

    Lorena Tapiero

    Volunteer Yoga Instructor
  • Arlene Vidor

    Arlene Vidor

    Volunteer Yoga Instructor
  • Louise Wannier

    Louise Wannier

    Volunteer Mindfulness Instructor