How do CSCP’s Services Remain Free of Charge?

Since the day that Cancer Support Community Pasadena’s (CSCP) doors opened in 1990, all services have remained free of charge to the community. We’re proud that services are free of charge, because no one impacted by cancer should face an additional financial burden to receive essential psychosocial support.

However, while CSCP’s programs are offered at no cost to members, that does not mean that CSCP’s programs are “free.” So, how is a nonprofit like CSCP able to provide professionally-facilitated, high quality services at no cost to the community?

Private Donations

Nearly 100% of CSCP’s $1,050,000 operating expenses are covered by private donations. CSCP does not receive any government funding (except for an annual $1,000 grant from LA County’s Board of Supervisors). Donations come in several forms: event revenue, foundation grants, Benefactor Society major gifts, direct mail appeals, tribute gifts, and planned gifts. No matter the dollar amount - big or small - every bit makes a difference. Individual donations are a great way to give to CSCP at a dollar amount and frequency that is comfortable to you, knowing that your contribution makes a tangible impact on our service delivery.

Event Revenue

Each year, CSCP hosts major events that generate funding through ticket sales, raffles, sponsorships, and auctions. This funding accounts for 30% of CSCP’s 2021 annual expenses. Typically, these events consist of our annual Angel Gala, Ladies Night Out, Pokerbowl, and other small events throughout the year. Of note, our annual Gala is being held virtually this year on May 15th. Our Around the World Gala will give attendees an opportunity to travel around the world in less than an hour from the comfort of their own homes! It is free to attend this event, and there are a number of fun ways to give to CSCP (e.g. host a virtual trip, participate in the auction, or buy a raffle ticket).

Foundation Grants

Many of CSCP’s programs and office items are funded by foundation grants. Namely, specialized programs such as the Lunch Bunch Breast Cancer Support Group and the Black Support Circle are funded by foundation grants. CSCP’s Development Manager, Judith Hamilton-Marquez, works tirelessly to ensure that CSCP secures funding from foundation grants, which account for 25% of CSCP’s operating expenses this year.


There are many more ways than a financial contribution to give back to CSCP. Volunteers are the backbone of CSCP’s programs: they facilitate weekly healthy lifestyle classes and educational workshops, provide in-office support and sit at the reception desk, plan and provide support at fundraising events, and serve on our Board of Directors and its various committees, among several other duties and contributions.

CSCP, a vital organization in our local community, offers programs free of charge due to the generosity of individual and corporate donors and volunteers. We invite you to give what you can to help ensure that no one faces cancer alone.