"Just knowing CSCP is there helps me get through the day."
-CSCP Member

CSCP gives me answers and advice in a casual, comfortable, non-hospital setting when I need opinions from others that have been affected by cancer. Their support connects me with solutions and options I would never have known about or utilized. For free, too!

-Gayle M., beating Follicular Lymphoma since Feb 2016

Participating in the programs lifts my spirits and improves my physical, emotional and mental health.

-Kathy G.

CSCP has helped me work through the early stages of mourning after my mom died during treatment of AML [acute myeloid leukemia]. I know that I will mourn for the rest of my life, but knowing that I am not alone and have people to cry with and share the pain with makes a world of difference for me.

-Daniel B.

This organization exists solely for the benefit of the patient, not big medicine. That's such a wonderful thing when you're living in the world of a cancer diagnosis. It offers so many programs to help the patient/caregiver in so many different ways, and the sense of support is very comforting. The offices are pleasant & attractive, which is important when undergoing all the treatments, etc. I recommend CSCP to anyone I hear about who's facing cancer.


CSCP has been a blessing for me and my family. It helped us get through one of the hardest years of our lives. CSCP gave me hope, courage and strength. It empowered me with tools to fight and stay one step ahead of my treatment plan. Thank you to everyone associated with CSCP. We couldn't get through this without you.

-Anita M.

CSC Pasadena is a very warm, nurturing place in which to heal from cancer or the stress of caregiving for a family member with cancer (I've done both). I appreciate the wide range of classes, workshops and counseling that they offer. The fact that it's free is a godsend in difficult times; it's helped me heal more than once.

-Deirdre H.; caregiver for husband with leukemia, diagnosed June 2012, and survivor of breast cancer diagnosed July 2016.